Lisa Phifer's five-step plan for securing BYODs

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Like it or not, bring your own devices (BYODs) are increasingly present in the workplace, penetrating and bypassing carefully constructed corporate security perimeters. Where should an overworked, understaffed and budget-challenged IT security manager begin to battle this onslaught?

In this special video presentation, BYOD security expert Lisa Phifer lays out five steps that nearly any company can take to enable safe productive use of consumer smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices purchased by employees.

About the expert
Lisa Phifer owns Core Competence Inc., a consulting firm specializing in business use of emerging Internet technologies. Lisa has been involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of internetworking, security and management products for 30 years. At Core Competence, she has advised large and small companies regarding security needs, product assessment and the use of emerging technologies and best practices. She teaches about wireless LAN and mobile device administration and security, and has written extensively for numerous publications, including Information Security, SearchSecurity, SearchMobileComputing, TomsITPro, and Wi-Fi Planet. Phifer's insight columns and technical tips are published monthly by SearchNetworking and the AirWISE Community Security Center. She holds a Master of Science in computer science from Villanova University, and a Bachelor of Science in computer science from West Chester University.

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