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Malicious mobile apps are getting tougher to fight

In this webcast, expert Michael Cobb reviews the increasing threat to enterprise security coming from malicious malware directed at employees' mobile devices. He separates the hype from the reality to present a picture of how big a threat this mobile malware truly is, and looks at how it is being distributed now. It's key for IT security pros to know which users and what data are the targets of hackers. Only then can they fight back with better user training, detection and neutralization.

Among the advanced abilities of malicious mobile apps are spyware that uses a device owner's mobile connection to grab contact and location information and even message content. This data is being collected not just for an attack at the moment but to be stockpiled and used in future attacks.

As Cobb explains, no one is immune from these malware attacks, though jailbroken devices are among those most likely to be infected. The mobility invasion of the enterprise requires a whole new approach to IT security.

Cobb reviews ways in which to make BYOD user behavior less risky, and what information you need to gather now about your network carrier as well as the public Wi-Fi your employees will inevitably use. He then covers how a layered approach to defense can up the protection of enterprise data and devices.

Watch this video to get the very latest information on the threat of malicious mobile apps, and how to most effectively combat the threat.

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