Martin Roesch: Increase in cybersecurity breaches demands new tactics

SAN FRANCISCO -- For enterprise information security managers and their teams, rampant cybersecurity breaches across a wide spectrum of organizations are forcing changes in both strategy and tactics. However, according to security luminary Martin Roesch, those changes begin with a new mindset.

"When I talk to people these days, one of things I like to say to get people to shift their mental gears is, 'If you knew you were going to be compromised, would you do security differently?''' said Roesch, the founder and interim CEO of network security and intrusion defense vendor Sourcefire Inc. "Now is a good time to start."

In this video, recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, Roesch discusses his reaction to the recent Mandiant APT1 report and whether Sourcefire will release related indicators of compromise. He also discusses President Obama's recent cybersecurity executive order, the growing importance of security big data and security intelligence, and the most important priorities for CISOs that are often ignored.

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