Martin Roesch remembers John Burris; details new Sourcefire products

Despite losing CEO John Burris to cancer last year, Sourcefire remains greatly affected by Burris' strategies and principles. Burris turned the organization from a struggling public company into the 5th fastest-growing stock on NASDAQ through 2009. Now company founder Martin Roesch has taken the reins as interim CEO, and the long-time CTO is leading Sourcefire's charge forward, releasing new products and services to improve malware detection and remediate malware infections.

In this video presentation, Senior Site Editor Eric B. Parizo discusses the past, present and future of Sourcefire with Roesch, including how he is handling his role as interim CEO, new technologies the company is releasing -- such as its new incident response service and its FireAMP advanced malware detection and prevention product -- and future product opportunities for the company and industry.

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