Mobile device security now an imperative

The sweeping tide that is consumerization has threatened the barriers of enterprise security for years, and now that it has fully arrived, enterprises must be prepared to deal with the consequences for mobile device security. According to a survey performed by ZK Research, workers believe they are more productive using their own devices and that consumer devices are generally better than corporate-provided technology. This attitude has led to an explosion in the number of devices in end-user toolkits, with smartphones, tablets, netbooks and a multitude of other devices arriving in the workplace. How should enterprise security react to this changing IT landscape?

In this screencast, Zeus Kerravala, principal analyst at ZK Research, discusses the effects of consumerization on IT security and how organizations should secure mobile devices. Enterprises must first understand that limiting consumer device usage is a losing battle. Employees depend on their own devices more than ever. Limiting their usage only increases employee churn. Once consumerization is accepted, organizations should embrace the idea that they, too, are responsible for mobile device security, along with the employee and service provider. The risks consumer devices introduce are multifaceted, and all parties must accept some responsibility for security. Kerravala discusses how organizations can defend against the changing mobile threat landscape, including rapidly evolving malware and increasingly sophisticated fraudsters. This screencast provides an overview for any organization worried about the security implications of consumer devices in the workplace.

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