Mobile malware and social malware: Nipping new threats in the bud

Social media sites and mobile devices share a vulnerability that makes them enticing attack vectors: the end user. New malware threats are targeting these consumer-oriented platforms because they tend to be less secure, and users can often be manipulated using social engineering tactics.

Case in point: Mobility is turning the workplace into a virtual enterprise, and that creates a large, under managed -- and often unprotected -- target for mobile malware. While social media and mobile device malware still pale in comparison to Windows malware, these new attack vectors will grow in popularity as malware becomes more financially lucrative. Additionally, the increasing number of social media platforms means that attackers can move from one platform to another.

In this webcast, contributor Lisa Phifer analyzes the security posture of mobile devices and social media sites and their unique malware risks. Phifer provides an overview of how developers of mobile device operating systems and social media sites have attempted to prevent the spread of malware, and how enterprises can help prevent mobile device malware and social media malware from infecting their networks.

Editor's note: This webcast was originally recorded in January 2012.

About the author:
Lisa Phifer owns Core Competence Inc., a consulting firm specializing in business use of emerging Internet technologies. Lisa has been involved in the design, implementation and evaluation of internetworking, security and management products for 30 years.

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