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Network security improved by Cisco data mining

SAN FRANCISCO -- Cisco is undoubtedly one of the biggest names in network security today, priding itself on constantly transitioning with the evolving market trends. Part of Cisco's success in keeping ahead of the industry has to do with its acquisition of other companies and integrating their products into its strategy. According to Martin Roesch, vice president and chief architect for Cisco Security Business Group, one of the most exciting parts of expanding Cisco's holdings is getting his hands on more user data.

"Turns out, the amount of data that we have access to is tremendous," Roesch said. "We have about 100 terabytes a day of threat-related data that we're exposed to at Cisco. And as a result, we're surfacing all sorts of really interesting things."

In this interview, recorded at the 2015 RSA Conference, SearchSecurity executive editor Eric Parizo sat down with Roesch to discuss Cisco data mining and the discoveries Cisco has made now that it has access to this user data, and how it plans to put that data to good use.

"The statistics for the level of data that we're exposed to are pretty staggering," Roesch said. "100 terabytes of data a day, over a million samples of malware, tens of billions of Web requests, billions of blocks, tens of billions of DNS requests. I mean, via our email security gateway services we see about a third of the world's email."

As for putting it to good use, Roesch explains Cisco has "ways to actually work with the data, we have ways to visualize and analyze the data and ask intelligent questions, and this, in turn, does result in new ways of looking for attacks and new ways of going after attackers."

Roesch also discussed Cisco's refreshed line of Cisco ASA with FirePower, the integration of ThreatGrid, and how Cisco plans to keep its edge.

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