Next-generation firewall products: Ready or not, here they come

While many information security teams may be perfectly happy with the "old" firewall and its role in the network security infrastructure, next-generation firewall products are here, ready or not, and they offer a new world of advanced capabilities. As networks become more complex, these products can effectively keep a network manageable and secure. However, it is crucial to ensure that you are prepared for the expanded role a next-generation firewall (NGFW) plays.

In this video, network security expert David Strom discusses the distinguishing characteristics of next-gen firewall products, such as application granularity and awareness, IP reputation management, and integrated IPS. Additionally, Strom explores the various issues you may encounter with NGFW deployments, such as out-of-date network documentation and the misuse of existing firewalls in a network infrastructure. Finally, Strom discusses the pros and cons of unified threat management (UTM) tools, since they are frequently mentioned alongside NGFWs.

About the author:
David Strom is a freelance writer and professional speaker based in St. Louis. He is former editor in chief of, Network Computing magazine and Read more from Strom at David Strom's Web Informant.

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