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Cisco Security Services set for 2x product growth in 2015

Cisco Security Services SVP Bryan Palma recently said that when he started working in security services ten years ago, it was on the uptick, but it didn't grow as fast as he'd anticipated.

More recently, though, "we're really seeing that happen. If you look at what's happening in the services market, it grows twice as fast as the security product market. It's bigger than the security product market."

Popular areas where organizations choose to use security services include the usual suspects: cloud, mobile and Web applications. Palma said, though, that service customers are also "really wrestling with what to do about security operations. Customers are having a lot of problems getting the right talent." Using security services can reduce operations staff, but also eases the high burden of finding staff members who can fully integrate the complex pieces of an enterprise security system. This becomes particularly important when new capabilities -- such as user behavioral analytics -- are called for.

In this interview, recorded at the 2015 RSA Conference, SearchSecurity editorial director Robert Richardson sat down with Palma in part to discuss the state of Cisco's Security Services group, but also to catch up on the company's acquisition of Neohapsis this past December.

Cisco bought the Chicago-based security advisory company to beef up its services in risk management, compliance, cloud, application, mobile, and infrastructure security solutions to Fortune 500 customers. The Neohapsis team now reports to Palma.

Neohapsis, Palma said, "is very complementary with what we do. They don't do a lot of network security; they don't do a lot of infrastructure. They're focused on the applications, on the cloud, on mobile. They have a big practice around risk and compliance. They also had a very strong management team that now has become the foundation of our consulting team."

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