PayPal's CISO on cybercrime prevention, Internet security issues

SAN FRANCISCO -- While many think President Obama's executive order on cybersecurity will have a significant effect on private organizations and the Internet alike, PayPal Inc. CISO Michael Barrett is more measured, calling it "a good start."

"Cybercrime is a tricky issue … but I'd say [it] is very clear that there is a lack of framework there," Barrett said. Barrett used the analogy of asking, "Who's responsible for making the road's safe?" to explain that there is no silver bullet (or bill) that will be an end-all-be-all for who should secure the Internet. While there's not currently a shared framework for cybercrime security, it is obvious -- especially after the recent Mandiant reports of the Chinese APT attacks -- that action is necessary now from both the government and private organizations.

In this video presentation, recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, Senior Site Editor Eric B. Parizo discusses these Internet security issues with Barrett, including the social and political paradigms surrounding cybersecurity and cybercrime, and what can be done to make the overall ecosystem of the Internet safer for all.

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