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Proper management techniques help with securing endpoints

Logging, monitoring and analyzing system activity is the best way of securing endpoints. You need to be vigilant to stop enemy forces; this means developing clear, well-thought-out management techniques. Watching the presentation in this webinar, and learning the techniques presented, will set you on the path for creating a safe environment.

Buck up security to get rid of endpoint anxiety

One of the oldest techniques available for securing endpoints can get overlooked in the midst of newer methods to stop hackers, and that technique is patch management. Once you realize that 44% of all data breaches are successful because of known vulnerabilities that haven't been rectified, it gets you thinking that maybe it's not so wise to let patch management slide. Making sure you do these basics will pay off with heightened, more secure endpoints.  

Any attempts you make to safeguard endpoints need to have a system of management in place. This video presentation covers details of securing data that sits on endpoints -- including finding root causes for recurring problems and reviewing privileged account credentials, which hackers can use to breach a system.

Collaboration is key to securing endpoints

When securing endpoints, what else needs to be done? This video emphasizes the need to make sure your users are security-aware, including your security team. Are they all working with you across the entire infrastructure? If one area of endpoint security is left uncovered, it will undermine any other endpoint protection mechanisms your system has. Ensure, too, that any devices being used in your company meet governance, risk and compliance objectives. In addition, have a secure configuration policy in place for every kind of device, and provide on-the-job training for your IT administrators and security teams so they can be aware of what to look for. Learn what you need to know about security misconfiguration flaws and securing endpoints in this video narrated by Michael Cobb, endpoint security expert.

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