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Protecting the virtualization layer from emerging threats

Protecting the virtualization layer of enterprise data centers from emerging threats can be a challenge, especially when those environments are becoming increasingly complex.

Tom Corn, senior vice president of VMware's product security group, believes the right approach to staving off those threats is to simplify the environment and its security controls. While hardening the virtualization layer and creating more secure platforms is a worthy cause, Corn said, many of the threats stem from misconfigurations, misalignments and overly complex systems rather than zero-day vulnerabilities and advanced cyberattacks.

"I think if we're in a position to simplify security and align security [with the virtualization layer], then we're [taking] a big, big step forward," Corn told SearchSecurity. "When I'm worried about a single critical application, as opposed to a wide variety of web servers or app servers that represent hundreds of applications, [it] is a meaningfully different problem to solve."

In addition to simplification, microsegmentation has also emerged as a key benefit to virtualization security. Corn said he's seen significant growth in the enterprise use of microsegmentation and explained how the approach ties in with the principle of least privilege.

In this SearchSecurity video, Corn talks about protecting the virtualization layer, simplifying environments and understanding the challenges and benefits of microsegmentation.

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