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Rethink network design with next-gen network security architecture

Many organizations have over time experienced network sprawl, particularly in terms of a large growth of where things are connecting from and to, the types of connections and the influx of cloud and mobility. As networks continue to grow, many things are becoming more condensed in the data center. More companies are using virtualization and an internal cloud, which has resulted in consolidated and more powerful technology. These things are leading to discussions and evaluations of new ways to design and secure network architecture.  

In this video, Dave Shackleford discusses key initiatives and drivers for rethinking your current network security architecture. Some key points include traffic isolation and segmentation, sufficient security to ensure that the vast amount of data moving through channels is being protected, and software-defined networking, which could really transform network architecture and provide new ways to monitor traffic and perform isolation. The new possibilities with network architecture are exciting and fresh but come with challenges, notably dealing with security. It is important to understand and evaluate whether revamping your network architecture and investing in virtual security options make sense for your organization.

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