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Rise in mobile device platforms increases need for mobile data security

Just five years ago, the mobile device that was most likely to make its way onto an enterprise network was a BlackBerry, a relatively secure device that could largely only be used for basic emails and texting. Now, mobile devices can come equipped with quad-core processors and a full suite of desktop-style apps, not to mention such emerging technologies as near field communication. This rise in mobile device platforms has been a constant headache for enterprises everywhere in recent years, and according to Karen Scarfone, principal consultant at Scarfone Cybersecurity, it could be the biggest challenge facing enterprise endpoint security today.

In this video interview, recorded at Information Security Decisions 2013, Scarfone details how mobility affects endpoint security in the enterprise. In particular, she notes that the increasingly prominent threat of Web-based malware poses trouble for enterprises with iOS and Android devices on the network, as they are often not covered by technologies such as Web security gateways. In response to the rise of mobility, Scarfone believes companies should focus more on data security and less on platforms and applications. She also takes time to discuss other general endpoint-security matters, including whether traditional antivirus still has a place enterprise environments.

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