Screencast: How to use GHDB to identify security holes, Googledorks

Google is a seemingly omnipotent presence on the Internet. Nothing seems to be beyond its grasp, including any unchecked security vulnerabilities visible to the Web that could be an opportunity for attackers to infiltrate your enterprise. This makes a resource like the Google Hacking Database (GHDB) invaluable.

In this screencast, Mike McLaughlin shows viewers how to utilize the GHDB to identify Googledorks, which are Google search terms that identify security vulnerabilities or collect information from servers. Once you have access to these Googledorks, you can search your own site to discover vulnerabilities a hacker could easily exploit via Google. The GHDB is a free and convenient resource that can help secure your infrastructure.

About the presenter:
Mike McLaughlin is a penetration tester working for First Base Technologies, an information security consultancy in the UK. Mike's daily work consists of both internal and external network based penetration testing, Web application penetration testing, and social engineering.

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