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Security information sharing, visibility a missed opportunity

SAN FRANCISCO -- There's a lot of hype in the security industry surrounding topics like threat intelligence, data breaches and the Internet of Things, but according to Martin Roesch, vice president and chief architect of the Security Business Group at Cisco, there's one important topic the hype is passing over.

"The thing I think is most important that nobody talks about is visibility platforms," Roesch said. "You see a lot of people talk about visibility and control; everyone wants to have visibility and control in security."

In this interview, recorded at the 2015 RSA Conference, Roesch discussed the need for better visibility and security information sharing within the industry, and why organizations should be jumping to capitalize on it.

The Internet of Everything is clearly something that is happening. You don't have to look around too hard these days to see that things are becoming IP-enabled.

"We have an opportunity to build something [with] the ability to bring information together in ways that are useful and effective for driving fundamentally better informed, better configured, more highly automated and much more effective security technologies."

So what is Cisco doing with this opportunity?

"This is something we're actually working on," Roesch said. These visibility platforms will be able to "externalize information about operational environments into one central data platform that all security [professionals] can leverage." Roesch says it will enable organizations to "figure out what's out there, how it's changing, who's using it, what it's running, what it can and can't be vulnerable to, and drive that information to security [professionals] so they can do a better job of doing their job."

Roesch also addressed the growing force of the Internet of Things, dubbed the Internet of Everything by Cisco.

"The Internet of Everything is clearly something that is happening. You don't have to look around too hard these days to see that things are becoming IP-enabled," Roesch said. "It should be on everybody's radar. It's definitely showing up and it's very surprising how fast it's actually coalescing from nothing, how many Internet of Everything devices are showing up at home, on the road, in hotels and at work. As a security guy, it's a little bit disconcerting because you always have the question in the back of your mind, 'Who's securing this and how good of a job are they doing?'"

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