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Security risk management video: Business partner security and pandemic planning

In this exclusive interview, Sara Santarelli gives tips on how to deal with the risks posed by business partners and possible pandemics, and how to assess your enterprise's exposure to these risks. 

About the speaker:
Sara Santarelli is the Chief Network Security Officer for Verizon.

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Security risk factors: Business partner security and pandemic planning

Sara Santarelli: I think if we look back in time as we've seen security mature through our businesses, and then at the same time, we have seen the environment of new technology. We've seen that new technology blend with the business, and it's become much more important for us to extend that enterprise, leverage our partners. At the same time, we've talked about the importance of compliance and making sure that our networks are secure at all times. We've got to ensure that those partners, those connections with our partners, are also secure.

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It's interesting. If you take a look at the Verizon Business Data Breach Investigations Report, they point out that external impacts, connections are one of the biggest issues. Second actually on the list, ahead of insiders, are partner connections. What's interesting about that report is it does take a look at actual breaches and what those entry methods were. I'm a big believer in doing your homework. Take a look at what else is out in the industry, whether it's the Verizon report or some other threat report, but there are clear indicators that partner connections are something we should all be paying attention to.

Absolutely. That's a great question. You can't turn on the news without hearing about high schools closing, and businesses are beginning to have troubles with all of the impacts of whether it's H1N1 or the normal flu coming around. What's great about Verizon, and I kind of have a little bit of advantage here, I'll put that right up front, we are a very large network company. That's what we do for a living. We manage the world's largest networks, so we have redundancy built into our networks. We've got very strong business continuity plans.

So for us, it hasn't been a lot of heavy lifting. It's more of a reminder that these are the good processes that we use day in and day out and then really working with our customers to make sure that their plans are positioned correctly and appropriately in ways that we can perhaps help them. Our security has a big play there. Obviously, if you look across multiple companies, a lot of their responses to situations like this are to extend their enterprise out into the home. If I've got ten workers that need to now work from home, they're going to have to be able to VPN into the network. I know Verizon is working with them to make sure they have appropriate capacity, their plans are in place. We're more than happy to step up and help our customers in that regard.

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