Social media legal issues: Advice for IT security pros

In this video interview, David Navetta, an attorney and founding partner of the Information Law Group, discusses the social media legal issues that companies face when they, or their employees, use social media sites. These risks include data leakage if an employee shares too many details or disparages the competition on a social media site.

Regulatory compliance must also be considered when a company uses social media. Navetta provides sample situations in which a company could get into trouble with the FTC over its use of social media.

Navetta reminds IT security pros that using any type of social media means the company has entered into a contractual obligation with each social media site. It is important to understand the different terms and conditions of Facebook, Google Plus and other social media sites’ contracts. If the company or its employees do not adhere to the contracts, the social media sites can sue the company for breach of contract.

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