State of security: Key components to gain insight into your security posture

While there’s no 100% foolproof way to assure success of an information security program, but there are tools and techniques that security managers can use to address the evolving threats that they face while managing an appropriate information security posture. In this presentation, Aaron Turner explores the key principals that are important for security practitioners to focus on to gain insight into their organization's security posture. You'll learn how to articulate a business-centric information security mission, establish network and host intelligence as the foundation for all of your security programs and build consistent processes to take action when anomalies are detected.

Aaron Turner is the co-founder of N4Struct, an information security consultancy focused on helping organizations identify how to solve some of the toughest industrial espionage cases.  He has worked with organizations of all sizes around the world and has extensive knowledge of how to help business leaders analyze how new technologies can introduce risks into their businesses.

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