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The gaping hole in your vulnerability management program

According to research by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, more than 867,000,000 records have been breached since 2005. Unfortunately, unless companies change the way security is performed, the results will continue on this downward spiral.

The good news is that there are a plethora of tools and technologies available for organizations to use to detect vulnerabilities and remediate risks. The bad news is that these tools and security methods will never do the job properly if they are used incorrectly by security teams.

In this video, security expert Kevin Beaver discusses the importance of authenticated vulnerability scans, explains how they differ from unauthenticated security scans and offers hints on how an authenticated vulnerability scan can fill the gaping hole in your enterprise vulnerability management program.

About the author:
Kevin Beaver is an information security consultant, writer, professional speaker and expert witness at Atlanta-based Principle Logic, LLC and the author of several books on information security, including the best-selling Hacking For Dummies. In addition, he's the creator of the Security On Wheels information security audio books and blog, providing security learning for IT professionals on the go. You can reach Kevin through his website and follow him on Twitter at @kevinbeaver.

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