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Use an authenticated vulnerability scan to find system flaws

Who doesn't feel at risk these days? And, as IT professionals, we may be the most at-risk group on the planet when it comes to our careers and our job security. The thought of our vulnerable computer systems may keep us up at night, but by applying vulnerability management techniques, we can put to rest some of our worst nightmares.

In this presentation, Kevin Beaver teaches how and why we should follow his suggestions for carrying out an authenticated vulnerability scan. By performing a vulnerability scan, we can find more flaws and have greater attack surface visibility. Doing just a basic vulnerability scan is not enough. Start by finding out about login vulnerabilities; then follow Beaver's other tips.

Over the years, Beaver has uncovered DOS and session management weaknesses, as well as open shares that expose personal identification information and other lapses. In this webinar he teaches that there's an art to using vulnerability management to protect network systems and web applications. A  correctly performed security assessment requires digging into your systems before you do the assessment. Also, be sure to ask yourself if you're using the right type of scanner. Are you seeing and testing all your apps? Find out the best ways for performing an authenticated vulnerability scan and which problems you should be focusing on. Follow the advice in this webinar and, in the end, you will achieve a real-time view of your environment and exactly how apps are being used in your organization.

When the safety of your system is at stake – not to mention your job and your career --  bringing all your vulnerability management skills up to par just makes sense. Tune in to this webinar on how to do an authenticated vulnerability scan and complete system assessment; it will give you the newest security steps and must-have knowledge for guarding your systems against business information flaws.

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