Virtualization compliance: Put compliance to work in a virtual world

According to VMware, a virtual machine is launched into vMotion every second; there are more VMs in motion globally than there are aircraft in flight. At the same time, the forces of compliance march on, becoming ever more complex and costly. The contrasts between virtualization could not be more striking -- while virtualization offers the opportunity for security to evolve to higher levels of performance and cost reduction, compliance mandates put pressure on security teams to retain traditional approaches that were defined in a physical world.

This special presentation for security and compliance practitioners looks at the new challenges of security in virtualized environments, with specific views on putting virtualization compliance to work with emerging concepts like dynamically provisioned virtual machines (VMs).

About the contributor:
Eric Ogren is founder and principal of the consulting firm The Ogren Group. He has nearly 30 years of software engineering, technology marketing, and industry analyst experience, including 20 years in enterprise security.

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