Virtualized security: Choosing the right approach

In this presentation, Chris Hoff discusses the operational, technical and compliance challenges infosec pros face in their approach to virtualized security. He examines five specific options and the pros and cons of each:

1. Physical appliance enforced security 
2. Virtual appliance enforced security
3. Combination of physical and virtual appliances
4. Workload-based isolation with security enforced in the hypervisor and/or a combination of hypervisor and virtual appliance
5. The hybrid model

Chris Hoff is vice president of Strategy and Planning at Juniper Networks after serving as the company’s chief security architect. He has held similar roles at Cisco Systems, Unisys Corp. and Crossbeam Systems. Hoff is a founding member and technical advisor to the Cloud Security Alliance, founder of the CloudAudit projectand HacKid conferenceand writes the Rational Survivability blog. Follow him on Twitter @beaker.


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