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Webcast: DNS security best practices; securing DNS infrastructure

The underpinning of enterprise networks, the Domain Name System (DNS), remains vital to the integrity of the Internet and transactions carried out and processed across networks. Since critical flaws were discovered in DNS three years ago, the state of DNS security has received much more scrutiny.

In this webcast, expert Char Sample examines the Domain Name System (DNS) and three methods your enterprise can use for securing DNS. These DNS security best practices include proper DNS configurations, the use of DNS Security Extensions, or DNSSEC, and how to monitor traffic to and from your enterprise DNS infrastructure. You’ll also learn about the threats and vulnerabilities associated with DNS.

About the speaker:
Char Sample, CERT security solutions engineer, has close to 20 years of experience in Internet security, and she has been involved with integrating various security technologies in both the public and private sectors.  She is presently a doctoral candidate at Capitol College, where her dissertation topic deals with the use of soft markers in attack attribution.

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