Why advanced malware detection is key to cut through 'network noise'

SAN FRANCISCO -- The South Carolina Department of Revenue data breach served as a perfect example of the sort of attacks enterprises now face. A workstation compromise eventually led to the exposure of millions of taxpayers' personal data, with South Carolina's IT security staff lacking the ability to detect the threat.

Much like the South Carolina data breach, a majority of companies lack the advanced malware detection capabilities to cut through the "network noise" that exists on all high-traffic enterprise networks and find the true threats that put sensitive data at risk, according to Qualys Inc. Chief Technology Officer Wolfgang Kandek.

In this video interview, recorded at the 2013 RSA Conference, SearchSecurity Editorial Events Director Lindsay Jeanloz asked Kandek how organizations can tone down the noise in their networks and detect advanced malware. Kandek also took time to discuss the findings of Mandiant Corp.'s APT1 report and the threat posed by targeted attacks that utilize legitimate security certificates.

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