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Why locking down privileged accounts is a security essential

Keeping privileged accounts secured is complicated in today's IT environments. To do it effectively requires an in-depth understanding of how to manage and monitor access to them. In this Security School webinar, expert Michael Cobb updates his earlier webinar on targeted attacks.

Targeted attacks are frequently launched at privileged user accounts because they provide broader access to the systems and data that hackers seek. No entity is immune; targeted attacks have been successfully made against everything from the NSA to Home Depot. The question is: Are you next? The safest thing is to assume the answer is yes -- and proceed from that assumption.

Attackers seek a way into privileged accounts because these are employees who have elevated access to important targets, such as HR records. They are, in other words, the users of the most powerful accounts in any company, allowing hackers that access them to sidestep firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. Gaining access to the credentials associated with privileged accounts is one of the key stages in a targeted attack on a company. When privileged accounts have been compromised, the network resources of the organization are at risk.

This presentation explains the threat to organizations when a hacker acquires access to a privileged user account. It reviews the many ways in which the hacker gets access, and then outlines specific steps infosec pros can take to regain and maintain control over these valuable user accounts. These methods include keeping a handle on who has privileged access, using automated tools to identify evidence of possible attacks and using password-related controls like multifactor authentication. There are even more tools and tricks to discover in this expert presentation. Listen to this webinar so that you're sure you're aware of the nature of the current threat against privileged accounts and possess a complete list of what you can

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