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Why the NSA monitoring scandal matters to enterprise security

The National Security Agency (NSA) continues to be embroiled in a scandal regarding its monitoring of both domestic and foreign communications. The NSA was accused of collecting Internet communications from nearly every citizen, and recently, allegations have surfaced that implicate the NSA in spying on a multitude of foreign leaders, some of whom are considered close allies. The NSA's actions have raised general concerns around the privacy of U.S. citizens, but from an enterprise perspective, are there specific concerns brought on by NSA monitoring activities?

In this video interview recorded at Information Security Decisions 2013, Rich Mogull, CEO and analyst for Phoenix-based consultancy Securosis, details the two main concerns for enterprises brought on by the broader NSA situation. First, enterprises need to be aware of the data they collect from users in the context of government requests for such data. Second, organizations must remain vigilant over the potential weakening of security products and standards. Rich also takes time to discuss why avoiding U.S.-based cloud providers isn't a simple answer for those companies looking stay outside the reach of NSA monitoring.

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