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Test your knowledge of everything security, from network security to regulatory compliance, with our collection of quizzes.

Information Security Quizzes

There are plenty of opportunities for information security training if you're willing to dedicate time and money to the task. Before you take the plunge, find out how much you already know with our free quizzes that cover a variety of security topics, from authentication to network security, from cryptography to regulatory compliance. Each quiz is designed to help you further develop your knowledge in a given area and improve your skills. When you're done, let us know how well you do and what other topics you'd like to see quizzes on.

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  • Security basics
    What do jabber, tiger team and silicone cockroach all have in common? In addition to sounding like something you might see running through a scene in a scifi movie, these are terms you'll find in our Security Basics quiz. Find out how much you know about these and other infosec words.

  • What's your infosec IQ?
    Put your infosec knowledge to the test. This quiz is a collection of our toughest questions to see how well you stand up to a real challenge.

  • Security awareness for end users
    Studies show that a company's biggest security threat is its own employees. The SANS Institute recommends that organizations should take time to educate their employees about computer security and periodically test employees to make sure they understand the basics. To help you in your efforts to raise security awareness in your organization, we've created the following quiz.


  • Identity and Access Management Security School: Endpoint security
    Test your knowledge of endpoint security based on the learning materials in Identity and Access Management Security School.

  • Identity and Access Management Security School: VPNs and remote access
    Test your knowledge of virtual private networks and secure remote access based on the learning materials in Identity and Access Management Security School.

  • Intrusion Defense School Entrance Exam
    Your organization's ability to fend off spyware, viruses and increasingly savvier attacks hinges on the strength and cohesion of your intrusion defense strategy. Get a sense of where you stand with this 10-question multiple-choice exam.

  • Intrusion Defense School Final Exam
    Test your knowledge of the current state of intrusion defense and how its changing, as well as implementation techniques for today's networks.

  • Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning Entrance Exam
    Whether your company has grown its WLAN organically (from a pilot project to a loose-knit production network), officially deployed a WLAN or implemented a strict policy against WLANs, Wi-Fi poses risks to your network. Test your knowledge of these risks and how to minimize them with this 10-question multiple-choice exam for Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning.

  • Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning Lesson 1 Quiz: Risky business
    Based on Lesson 1 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning, this five-question quiz reviews the risks posed by wireless networks.

  • Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning Lesson 2 Quiz: From the ground up
    Test your knowledge of building a secure wireless infrastructure with this quiz from Lesson 2 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning.

  • Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning Lesson 3 Quiz: Who goes there?
    Based on Lesson 3 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning, this five-question quiz reviews secure wireless access.

  • Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning Lesson 4 Quiz: I'll be watching you
    Test your knowledge of wireless intrusion detection systems with this quiz from Lesson 4 of Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning.

  • Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning Final Exam
    Test your knowledge of wireless threats and vulnerabilities, building a secure wireless infrastructure, implementing secure wireless access and wireless IDSes, as covered in Wireless Security Lunchtime Learning.

  • Firewalls
    Test your knowledge of firewall basics with this quiz.

  • Playing with fire(walls)
    As with any security technology, how well you know your firewall dictates how well you can protect your assets. Take this quiz to find out if you're firewall savvy.

  • Securing your network
    Your network is the lifeline of your organization. It allows your users to access the information they need to do their jobs correctly and efficiently – but does it do so securely? And, are you sure only your users are accessing it? Hone your knowledge of network attacks and security with this WhatIs-powered quiz.

  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems
    Intrusion detection and prevention systems come with a hefty price tag. And once installed, either one can drain your resources if you didn't make a knowledgeable buying decision or don't know how to operate it efficiently. Test your IDS/IPS know-how and improve your knowledge with this quiz.

  • IPsec vs. SSL VPNs
    Test your knowledge of IPsec and SSL VPNs with this quiz, and click through to our additional resources to help you determine which technology best suits your organization's needs.

  • Intrusion prevention systems
    According to some experts, intrusion prevention systems offer an advantage over intrusion detection systems, which makes them a necessary component of network security. Test your knowledge of IPSes and their distinctions.

  • IPv6
    Are you ready to migrate to IPv6? This five-question mini-quiz will help you find out. You'll also find links to resources to help you improve your preparedness.


  • Could you detect an qpplication attack?
    As application layer attacks continue to rise, information security practitioners should use logging techniques to protect their application servers. Take this five-question quiz to test your application security awareness, review common application attacks and learn how to improve application layer logging to detect and protect against these attacks.

  • Locking down IIS
    When it comes to securing IIS, resetting default passwords is just the beginning. There are nonessential services to disable and myriad other default settings to tweak. Take our quiz to see how well you know the Web server, then drop by Web Security School where our guest instructor goes under the hood of IIS.

  • Web Security School Entrance Exam
    Sure, IIS has its fair share of problems, but you could be your Web server's No. 1 vulnerability if you aren't Web security savvy. Take this exam to see if it's time to go back to school -- Web Security School, that is!

  • Web Security School Lesson 1 Quiz
    Test your knowledge of Web server security basics with this five-question multiple-choice quiz based on Lesson 1 of Web Security School.

  • Web Security School Lesson 2 Quiz
    Assess your knowledge of how to defeat Web server attacks with this five-question multiple-choice quiz based on Lesson 2 of Web Security School.

  • Web Security School Lesson 3 Quiz
    This five-question quiz based on Lesson 3 of Web Security School will assess your knowledge of securing Web applications.

  • Web Security School Final Exam
    When choosing a Web server, many experts recommend choosing the one you have the most intimate knowledge of, as you'll be better positioned to secure it. Take this 20-question exam to find out how well you know IIS and its security functions.


  • Can you slay spam and viruses?
    Do viruses and spam get the best of you -- and your network? Improve your defenses with the tips you'll learn in this quiz.

  • Do you have a firm email security foundation?
    Take this quiz to assess your knowledge of e-mail security essentials. In order to successfully pass the quiz, you will need to attend Lesson 1 of Email Security School.

  • Email Security School Final Exam: Have you mastered the essentials of email security?
    This challenging exam wraps up our three-lesson Email Security School, which covers email security essentials, spam and virus mitigation strategies and email policy control.

  • Email security
    Test your knowledge of email security. If you graduated from our Email Security School, see how much knowledge you retained. If not, here's your chance to see if summer school is in order.

  • Do you speak geek: All hail email!
    No doubt about it, email is the most widely used computer application. Unfortunately, security isn't a byproduct of popularity. Take this quiz to find out where you stand when it comes to securing your organization's e-mail application.

  • Do you speak geek: Canning spam
    You probably have a pretty good idea how well you're doing in the fight against spam based on the feedback you get from users. However, spamming techniques continually evolve and keeping up the fight is challenging. Take this quiz to test your understanding of spam and pick up some spam mitigation tactics along the way.


  • Security attacks
    Understanding how intruders attack your information resources is the first step in defense. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of security attacks and how to defend against them.

  • Is spyware getting the best of you?
    Keeping spyware off your systems can be tricky when there are myriad types of spyware, and no consensus as to what's safe and what's not. We've designed this quiz to help you test your spyware savvy and determine what you want on your systems and -- more importantly -- what you don't.

  • Common vulnerabilities
    When it comes to security, enterprise systems and networks are not all created equal. When it comes down to it, they aren't all that different either. Some vulnerabilities are common to them all. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of various vulnerabilities and learn how to defend your organization against them.

  • Vulnerability management
    Vulnerability assessments and penetration tests have their place in a vulnerability management process. However, both are monumental tasks that should not be entered into lightly. It's vital for security practitioners to know when one is more suitable than the other and how it will mitigate threats. Take this quiz written by Shon Harris, CISSP and president of Logical Security, to test your knowledge of the vulnerability management process. After you have written down your answers, click on Answer for an explanation of the correct answer.

  • Web application threats and vulnerabilities
    Web applications are subject to a barrage of threats and vulnerabilities that can put an entire enterprise at risk. Our quiz will help you determine how knowledgeable you are about securing your Web apps and whether you need to hone your Web security skills.

  • Malware
    So many kinds of malware in the wild! From garden variety worms to hybrid viruses, you've got to watch out for Trojan horses, spyware, and social engineering -- and don't forget to secure that back door! The first line of defense is knowledge, understand the enemy and protect yourself. Take our quiz to find out how much you know about malicious code. Need to study first? Visit our printable glossary of common malware-related terms and their meanings.

  • Prove your patching prowess
    Is Patch Tuesday the bane of your existence? Take our quiz and learn best practices for better patch management.


  • Authentication methods
    There are myriad ways to authenticate users to your organization's network resources. Depending on the criticality of the data you're protecting, one method may or may not provide the level of protection you desire. Take this quiz to test your knowledge of authentication methods and learn more about them with the resources that follow.


  • Cryptography
    "OK, boys and girls! Do you have your secret decoder handy? Here's this week's special message." (Radio message to subscribed members of the Lone Ranger Club, circa 1943.)

  • Do you speak geek?: Tales from the cryptographer
    Keeping the various encryption algorithms straight and knowing what to use when isn't easy. Take this quiz to find out how fluent you are in the language of encryption algorithms.


  • Compliance
    Despite the amount of press it gets, compliance is a difficult subject -- with so many angles, it's hard to keep them all covered! Our quiz tests your knowledge on things compliance-oriented, including legislation to be complied with and organizations that demand compliance to one thing or another.

  • Do you speak geek: Respecting the letter of the law
    While government-mandated security regulations are intended to protect, they often confuse. Take this quiz to find out how fluent you are in the language of information security laws and regulations.

  • SOX Security School Final Exam
    Test your knowledge of SOX's evolving regulatory demands and the tactics to meet them with this Final Exam from SOX Security School.


  • Identity and Access Management Security School: Automated provisioning
    Test your knowledge of automated provisioning based on the learning materials in Identity and Access Management Security School.

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